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Liqua Flow Pump Company is a manufacturing company run by seasoned professionals with a combined total of eighty years of industry experience.


Led by industry veterans Christopher Snodgrass and Harry Trent, our top of the line professional employees have worked for many of the leading industry giants and have held almost every position from field service to national sales manager to president. This tremendous amount of experience spent serving the pumping industry has led to the creation of a centrifugal water pump unmatched by any other. Liqua Flow pumps are superior in quality and unrivaled in reliability.

The safety orange paint job isn’t the only thing that stands out about our pumps. Value added features come standard on our pumps including the revolutionary “Rotoseal”. This is an industry first that seals the shaft to protect the bearings from water thus eliminating the number one cause of failure for self-priming pumps. Our focus on quality and design extends the life of our pumps and ensures that they require minimal maintenance.


When you buy from Liqua Flow Pump Company we guarantee that you will receive better quality, better service, and faster delivery at a fair price.

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