Model SPM Specifications
The casing is constructed of high tensile cast iron or other specified material. It is of the self-primer volute type, carefully and accurately proportioned to permit smooth flow and convert high velocity energy of the fluid as it leaves the impeller into pressure. Suctions and discharge nozzles are cast integral with the volute. An integral check valve on the suction allows for very quick re-prime. The casing has cast integral feet standard and the cover plate has a standard pressure relief valve.
An oversized cleanout plate is located on the front of the casing for service and inspection. The impeller, wear plate, mechanical seal and suction check valve can be serviced though this cover plate without the need to disturb suction and discharge connections. Oversized fill ports as well as vent and drain openings are provided. To protect the pump and system piping, a standard pressure relief valve is located on the cleanout plate. Running clearances can be readjusted with adjustment screws on the cleanout cover to dial back factory running tolerances and efficiencies easily and effortlessly without using shims.
The impeller is of the semi-open, solids handling type, casted in one piece of cast iron or other specified material. All impellers are dynamically balanced prior to assembly and all impellers are designed to pump large spherical solids. Impellers have back pump out vanes standard on the backside of the impeller to reduce material from build up behind impeller.
Wear Plate:
An oversized and heavy duty front wear plate are standard to maintain close running clearances.
The shaft is of high strength stainless steel ground to accurate dimensions and polished to a smooth surface. It is designed for extra stiffness to avoid all critical speeds in operation. The shaft is threaded internally on the outboard end allowing the use of belt drive accessories without any additional modifications to the pump.
Power Fame:
The power frame is constructed of high tensile cast iron or other specified material and provides support for the inboard and outboard bearings. Each bearing is designed to carry all thrust and radial loads encountered by the pump. The outboard bearing is oversized standard for use with belt drive systems. The power frame has an integral oil sump that provides oil for lubrication to each bearing and an oil level eye is provided standard on the power frame to visually indicate the oil level.
Mechanical Seal:
The seal chamber is sized for a heavy duty, front loading cartridge mechanical seal. The cartridge mechanical seal is constructed of a tungsten carbide rotary face, a tungsten carbide stationary face and viton elastomers standard. Other mechanical seal types are available upon request. The entire seal assembly is oil lubricated to ensure long life durability.
Bearings are protected by an open cavity between mechanical seal and bearing housing. If the mechanical seal fails, water will be vented to atmosphere and cannot build pressure and enter the bearing housing.
The Liqua Flow Pump Company original RotoSeal protects the bearings from wash down and the outside environment from entering the bearing housing causing premature bearing failures